About Us

Store Location Update

OFT goods are available at the Lively Store and in White Stone (see hours below). Visit us at 572 Rappahannock Dr., right next door to the post office.

More than a truck!

Old Farm Truck is a produce market featuring fresh, quality produce grown in and around the Northern Neck. View a slideshow. Reminiscent of the victory gardens of the 1940’s, it is a natural extension of what many families have been doing for years — growing large gardens and sharing the produce with neighbors and friends.

Now, through Old Farm Truck (OFT), a 1940 farm truck is sharing local produce with a larger family — our Northern Neck community. OFT is operated by Jean Price and her husband, Paul, who live on Woods Edge Farm in Ottoman, Virginia.

The Vision

OFT "germinated" as a conversation among farming friends and family around my kitchen table. We talked about our love for growing food… cooking it, eating it, sharing it. We talked ideas about an "ultra local" community driven food system with fresh vegetables and fruit, humanely raised pastured meat, old fashioned dairy and homemade baked goods. Neighbors growing for neighbors. A system where we all learn how to eat seasonally again, sharing what is abundant and preserving food for leaner times. Crisp vegetables, drippy fruit, flavorful meat, eggs with orange centers, milk that leaves a mustache, and all the good food that comes from combining them.

Season 8!

We are beginning our 8th season in 2017... see what you have helped grow! Old Farm Truck has been able to offer more than 150 different varieties of fruits and vegetables from more than a dozen Northern Neck farms.

Our pork, bison and beef farmers are 100% sourced from the Northern Neck as well as our four egg farmers. Our main fruit supplier, Agriberry, is located in Hanover and grows peaches, strawberries, blackberries and raspberries. They outsource to family farms in the state for apples peaches, pears and plums. Blueberries are occasionally sourced from North Carolina and New Jersey. Cow dairy products including milk, yogurt and kefir come from Manquin Virginia, 30 miles outside of Richmond. Baked goods come from seven bakers, five from the Northern Neck. Together they have baked more than 80 different delicious goods.

And new for 2017, Farm to Fork Take-out. Visit our Weekly Specials page for details. We are small, but we are growing! Thank you for your support of our “ultra local” food system!

Hours and Locations

Friday Markets
Lively: 9 am - 5 pm (Old Gas Station- 5388 Mary Ball Road, on the corner of Rt. 3 and Rt. 201)
White Stone: 9 am - 5 pm, next door to the Post Office

Saturday Market
Lively: 9 am - 12 pm (same location as above)
White Stone: 9 am - 1 pm (same location as above)

Old Farm Truck

Old Farm Truck

Old Farm Truck