Weekly Specials

Opening soon at new White Stone location

We soon will open at our new location, 453 Rappahannock Drive (the old "Willaby's"). The exact date has been delayed by the recent snow storm and we also are finishing some updates in the new store.

Details on upcoming specials will be posted shortly. Some typical offerings are listed below.

Heartfelt thanks for supporting every hard working, committed farmer, baker and artisan contributing to the Old Farm Truck.


Agriberry, Hanover, VA - Virginia Apples-- Gold Rush ,Granny Smith, Pink Lady Rinkers Cider, Homemade Applesauce with Raspberries, , Homemade Apple Butter, Jams.


Dayspring Farm, Cologne, VA - White Salad Turnips, Lettuce heads, Spinach, Curly Kale, Tuscan Kale, Collards, Asian Greens, Red and Green, Cabbage, Tomatoes (yes, a few).

Blenheim Certified Organic Gardens, Westmoreland, Va. - Sweet Potatoes, Lettuce mix.

Brian and Ginny Barnes, Wicomico, VA - Garlic

Sion House Farm, Farnham, VA - Green, Red and Orange Hydroponic Tomatoes, Sweet Potatoes.

Woods Edge Farm, Ottoman, Va. - Pastured Eggs

Heritage Oaks Grange, (Berkshire Pork), Lively, VA - Chops, Bulk Sweet Italian, Hot Italian, Sage.

Mount View Farm, Tappahannock, VA - Pasture Raised Beef; Roasts, Steaks, Ground, Soup Bones.

Old Quarter Farm, Lottsburg, VA - Lamb; Ground, Roasts, Kabob meat, Shanks; can pre -order bone in legs.

Northern Neck Desert Co., Mollusk, VA - Peppermint Chocolate Cake, Pecan Pies.

Exquisite Delights, Heathsville, VA - Eggnog Pounds, Plain pounds, Black Walnut Pounds.

Montana Gold, Richmond, VA - Cinnamon, Cinnamon Rolls, English Muffin Bread, Spelt, Mountain Herb, Multigrain, White, Gingerbread, Challa,, Challa Rolls, Garlic Knots, Granola, Ukrainian Black Bread.

Sub Rosa, Richmond, VA - Pide, Einkorn (hopefully).

Eggplant Farm, White Stone, VA - Eggs

Tall Cotton, Urbanna, Va - Pastured Eggs

Lovers Retreat Dairy, Saluda, Va. - Feta.

Old Church Creamery, Mechanicsville, VA - 100% Grassfed Dairy Products- Milk, Yogurt, Kefir, Drinkable Yogurt.

Oyster Art, Bertrand, VA - NNK-inspired, hand-picked, hand-painted Oyster shells depicting boats and crab pot buoys.

Bobbie Skerrett - Mugs, bowls and tiles.

Elizabeth Lord - " Don't bug me" natural bug spray.

Ostara Moon, Ottoman, VA - Jewelry by Erin Weik.

Chesapeake Green Farms, Wicomico, Va. - Castile soap