Weekly Specials

Nov. 16-18 in White Stone, Va.

Eating Local in the Winter - you can do it!

This week, Rinkers Cider... best ever. TURKEY PICK UP FRIDAY 9-12 with Parker Family Farms. Mount View Farm Beef is IN. We have sage and chorizo sausage from Heritage Oakes Grange. Lamb Special - buy any lamb and get a Bone-In Sirloin roast at half price.

From Chef Joe Merolli, EGGPLANT PARMESAN, Black bean soup. Plus Cranberry Goat Cheese Spread from Lovers Retreat Dairy, and Collards, Fennel, Sage, White Sweet Potatoes... the market looks great so come early!

Don't forget our Thanksgiving Week Schedule: Tuesday, Nov. 21,9-5; Wednesday, Nov. 22, 9-3, and closed for family holiday on Friday and Saturday, Nov. 24-25.

Pre-order your baked goods for Thanksgiving (call or email):

  • Exquisite Delights: Coconut Pound Cake (or any kind), Herb Cheddar Biscuits, Coconut Custard Pie, Sweet Potato Pie.
  • From Northern Neck Dessert Co.: Pumpkin Chocolate Cake, Carrot Cake, Pumpkin Pie and Pecan Pie.
  • From Litwalton Lavender - Joanna Hyde: Apple Pie.

The Old Farm Truck's winter schedule beginning in December will be Friday, 9-6 and Saturday, 9-3. In January, visit us at our new location in the Old Vet Building in White Stone!

From Dug In Farms on Fleets Bay Road, Carolyn will have eggs and greens. Don't forget about Garner's Winter Box... Pick-ups at Old Farm Truck in Lively and Dug in Farms outside Kilmarnock; contact Dana at 804-761-2412.

Don't forget individual small farmers! Together we build a healthy community.

As always, we THANK YOU for supporting every hard working, committed farmer, baker and artisan contributing to the Old Farm Truck.


Agriberry, Hanover, VA - Apple Cider, Pink Lady, Staymen, Granny Smith, Raspberry Applesauce, Agriblend, Seedless Raspberry Jam, Seedless Blackberry Jam, Blackberry Jam, Apple Butter, Strawberry jam.


Dayspring Farm, Cologne, VA - Asian Greens, Kale, Arugula, Red Cabbage, lettuce, Chile, Jalapeno, Cayenne Peppers, Parsley, Cilantro,Swiss Chard, Assorted sweet peppers, Red skinned sweet potatoes.

Blenheim Certified Organic Gardens, Westmoreland, Va. - Sweet Potatoes, Dried black beans.

Brian and Ginny Barnes, Wicomico, VA - Garlic

Garners Produce, Westmoreland, VA - Field tomatoes, Pumpkin butter, Winter Squash, Kale, Peppers, Serrano peppers, Ancho peppers, White Sweet Potatoes, Honey Crisp Apples (Pennsylvania).

Sion House Farm, Farnham, VA - Bok choy, Yellow and Red Tomatoes, Salad mix.

Heritage Oaks Grange, (Berkshire Pork), Lively, VA - Bulk Sage, Bulk Chorizo, Maple breakfast link, Sage.

Mount View Farm, Tappahannock, VA - Steaks, Roasts, Round, Sirloin, Beef bones, stew meat, large cuts.

Old Quarter Farm, Lottsburg, VA - Bone in Sirloin Roasts, ground lamb, Kabobs, Stew Meat, leg steaks.

Northern Neck Desert Co., Mollusk, VA - Chocolate Pumpkin, Carrot cakes, pumpkin bread.

Exquisite Delights, Heathsville, VA - Assorted Pound Cakes.

Montana Gold, Richmond, VA - Cinnamon Swirl, Herb, English muffin, Spelt, Nine Grain, Sunflower, Challa, Challa rolls, Garlic Knots, White, Bread pudding, Cinnamon buns, Granola, Ukrainian black.

Sub Rosa, Richmond, VA - Einkorn, Flatbreads, Blonde butcher corn meal.

Cavanna Pasta
, Richmond, VA - Pesto, Eggplant Parm, Artichoke Pesto Cannelloni, Porcini Mushroom, Fettuccine, Spinach Cheese Ravioli, Pesto, Pommorolla sauce, Tagliatelle,  Spinach Cannelloni, Biscotti, Pumpkin Ravioli.

Woods Edge Farm, Ottoman, VA - Eggs

Eggplant Farm, White Stone, VA - Eggs

Tall Cotton, Urbanna, Va - Eggs

Lovers Retreat Dairy, Saluda, Va. - Camembert, Dry Feta, chèvre, feta in oil, Goat Cheese Spreads.

Old Church Creamery, Mechanicsville, VA - Kefir, Creamline milk, chocolate milk, Drinkable Blackberry Yogurt, Plain yogurt.

Trickling Springs Creamery, Chambersburg, PA. - Organic butter, Buttermilk, Raw Milk Cheddar, Colby, Smoked Cheddar cheeses.

Oyster Ornaments, Bertrand, VA - NNK-inspired hand-picked, hand-painted Oyster shell ornaments.

Plantation Peanuts, Wakefield, VA - Barbecue, Lemon crab, Salt and Pepper.

Stratford Hall, Westmoreland, VA - Raw, unfiltered local honey.

Flowers from Wind Haven Farm, Topping, VA - Mixed bouquets.

Bobbie Skerrett - Mugs, bowls and tiles.

Elizabeth Lord - " Don't bug me" natural bug spray.

Ostara Moon, Ottoman, VA - Jewelry by Erin Weik.

Chesapeake Green Farms, Wicomico, Va. - Castile soap