Last Market on Oct. 31 - Be sure to stop by!

Our last market of the season will be Friday, Oct. 31. Come by for a meal, and enjoy live music from Bill Gurley from 12-1:30 p.m. at our Lively store.

Visit our Specials page for this week's list, plus information on a Winter Vegetable CSA program.

Support Your Community

Aside from enjoying quality seasonal produce and its nutritional advantages, as a part of the OFT family, you are supporting your agriculture community and getting to know who has grown your food.

Old Farm Truck:  Local, Fresh Produce

Old Farm Truck is a genuine 1940 vehicle. Click to enlarge.

Old Farm Truck is a produce market featuring fresh, quality produce grown in and around the Northern Neck. View a slideshow.

Reminiscent of the victory gardens of the 1940’s, it is a natural extension of what many families have been doing for years — growing large gardens and sharing the produce with neighbors and friends.

Now, through Old Farm Truck, a 1940 farm truck is sharing local produce with a larger family — our Northern Neck community.


At the Old Farm Truck, it's all about fresh, local food, variety and... community!